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In this post you will find simple but very effective tips that can help you to increase your vertical leap.

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There is always that question – “what more can I do to increase my vertical leap?“. You put in hours and hours of training, but somehow you feel that your body doesn’t seem to reach its full potential. Although repetition is the mother of learning, the truth is, most of the time athletes go up a blind alley by overworking during practice and they do not actually get the results that they strive for.

If you are one those people who are looking for tips to increase your vertical jump then listed below are several tips that can help you:

Know what causes you to jump high

The first thing you need to do when taking on a task such as increasing your vertical jump is to know better what causes you to jump high. The short answer to this is force. The more force you can apply to the ground the higher you will be able to jump sooner. But how can you go about applying more force to the ground?

Assess Your Current Strength

To begin increasing the vertical jump, first assess your current strength. Create a novel strength foundation upon which to build up. This should be completely free from any experience you may had previously with the different training types.


Flexibility is necessary in every sport including basketball. With it you will be able to maximize your potential and also to reduce the chances of an injury. You should start stretching at least 5 times every week. You should also warm up before stretching to avoid possible injuries.

Strength and Quickness

Your main aim should be develop strength and quickness which will lead to explosive vertical jump.

Strength training exercises like squats, deadlifts, and back extensions are also effective in helping you jump higher. Always start your training with light weights before progressively moving on to heavier weights.


You should be certain that you sway your arms. This provides you with momentum while your arms go up into the air. Begin with arms straight out. While you squat down in order to

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Vertical leap, CIMG6976—permanently scatterbrained (Flickr.com)

jump, sway your arms downward. Then, as you shoot to the air, sway your arms upwards as high as you’re capable of.

Knee Jumps

Stand straight facing forward with your legs shoulder length apart; Very slowly bend your knees bringing your bottom to the ground then jump straight up in the air keeping your knees bent (try not to move out of the original position); repeat this exercises as many as you can do.

Healthy diet

A stable, healthy diet with a dose of supplements aided by dedicated workouts is the best recipe to flaunt a body like Kobe’s. Cardio exercises like walking, running, swimming and a game of basketball are his favorite warm up exercises. This is what provides him with that almost perfect body along with the stamina and endurance to play top flight basketball.
I hope that these tips will help you to answer the question:what more can I do to increase my vertical leap?”
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