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In this post are some tips to improve the vertical jump. Most of these are for beginners but I’m sure that some people who already following a vertical jump program will also find them to be useful.


There are a lot of things that you can do in order to jump higher, and too many of them need nearly the same sort of work. Follow these tips to jump higher at times when they relate to your exercise.

Be certain that you carefully read all the instructions so that you will achieve the best results from your exercise. Every little thing matters when it comes to improving your vertical leap so don’t forget to do things right!

Your Diet

Your muscles need the energy to be able to perform at their peak level. The best way to get this energy fast is to eat healthy carbs. I stress HEALTHY carbs.

The best carbs to eat are usually whole grains. Stay away from white bread and other thing that contain starchy carbs. Eat only one gram of protein for one pound of your body weight. This will give you long lasting energy and also allow your muscles to repair themselves faster after a workout.

Warming Stretching Exercises

Before and after any exercises ensure to do stretching or warm up exercises. This thing will ensure that endurance training will not lead to serious injuries.

Plyometric exercises

Plyometric exercises like ankle bounces, jump rope and jump squats are very helpful to increase your vertical leap so don’t forget to do them.

Improve Basketball jump, Jump

Basketball jump, Jump—afroboof (Flickr.com)

The mental side is important

Along with physical training, mental boost too holds prime importance. Try to close your eyes and visualize your body going upwards and jumping high. Believe in your capacities and regularly say to yourself- ‘Yes, I can do it and I will do it soon’.

Weight training sessions

This session includes various activities like crunches, bench press, pull downs and incline press. This kind of exercises is a part of his routine for the first half of the week. The rest of the week other exercises like the dumbbell press, calf training, curls, squats and triceps press constitute his routine. Being a basketball player, a good jump is very essential. Workouts like rim high jumps, sprints and plyometrix exercises are performed to achieve this.

Use your entire body

Another factor that undoubtedly works on increasing your explosiveness is the usage of the entire body.

What this really means is that you have to be aware of the full range of movements that your body should perform during a vertical jump. It’s not just the upper body that directs and stretches itself upwards, but also your lower back, your knees and feet work on increasing your agility by depleting the energy stored in the joints and your muscles. This does takes practice, indeed, but putting your body in a line to perform the vertical should come as natural after a short time.


Stand straight facing forward with your legs shoulder length apart; Very slowly bend your knees bringing your bottom to the ground; go down as low as you can; hold that exact position for as long as you can then rise back up again; repeat this as many as you can do.


I know you’ve probably heard this many times, but proper rest is extremely key in any type of training and just as important as the workout. Many athletes make the mistake of not resting enough time and are not only risking their own body of injury but wasting their precious time and effort. So make sure you rest a minimum of three days each and every week.

These tips are just the basics but they are extremely important. If you want to take your vertical jump to the next level then you must follow a complete training program. Take a look at my Jump Manual Review if you still searching for one.
Take care and all the best!