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In this post you can find some great advice on things you can do to improve at basketball shooting.



While basketball has many aspects, shooting is the core of the game. Shooting is actually a variety of skills, not just one, since you have to make shots from various angles in various situations. The best basketball players no they need to be able to effectively shoot from anywhere on the court. The following are some tips to help you improve your shooting skills.

Basketball shooting, Dia 167 Una y otra vez

Basketball shooting, Dia 167 Una y otra vez—Freddy The Boy (Flickr.com)

One of the most awkward things about shooting a basketball is that you are never in the same location more than one time. You must have the ability to shoot the ball from under the basket just as well as a long distance from the hoop. That’s why it’s important to practice at various angles and distances. It’s fine to practice free throws, for example. But, you do not want to limit yourself to a shot that everyone knows to expect.

You want to have the ability to shoot correctly from various areas that others would not expect. To be a well-rounded player, you should be comfortable making any kind of shot, no matter where you are on the court, as long as you’re within range.

Every player on the court has a particular shooting range, and you shouldn’t try to shoot outside of this range. While the shooting range can be increased with practice, it’s best to only shoot within your current range during the game. Your range is simply the area where you’re comfortable and make a high percentage of your shots. So taking shots from within your range should be your policy, though there will always be exceptions, as when you have the ball and the clock is running out. Some players like the thrill of making exceptional shots, but what you should really be aiming for is improving your natural (within range) shooting skills.

Hook shots are essential and helpful in a lot situations. They are extremely important for centers and forwards. You make a hook shot with the foot that is on the other side of the hand that you are going to shoot with. So you will pivot with your left foot, if you are shooting with your right hand. This is done while holding the ball palm-up. Then take off on the left foot, releasing the ball with an overhead arc in one smooth motion. This is a good shot to make if you’re being blocked by a taller opponent. This gets the ball way up in the air.

They are numerous versions of the hook shot. The execution will vary based on the situation. You will get better at making basketball shots if you concentrate on it and work on

improve at Basketball shooting, Shooting hoops with a G12

Basketball shooting, Shooting hoops with a G12—xddorox (Flickr.com)

your form. The suggestions that we have talked about will be helpful when you practice and decide which things to work on. But, you also have to consider your own particular areas of need. If you can seem to get a particular move just right, do not shy away from it but work at making it better until you see it get better. Even the best players in the world cannot stop practicing and must continue to work on their shooting skills to continue moving on up.

There is no doubt that these things can help you to improve at basketball shooting. With that being said always remember that basketball shooting is just one aspect of the game and if you want to take your basketball game to the next level then you also need to work on several other factors, including your vertical jump. Take a look at my Jump Manual review if you are looking for a complete vertical jump program.

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