Improving the vertical leap is probably one of the most important aspects for basketball players. While there are many vertical jump programs (such as the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller) who offer a complete training approach, there are also many other free ways to improve your vertical jump faster. In this article I will share with you 3 training tactics that can really help you to improve your vertical jump faster and safely. For some other tips you can also check this video.
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If you play basketball, and you want to jump higher than ever, you could increase your vertical leaping starting today. A lot of times, the one thing that separates the high performers from the rest is all the hard work they did to get there. What you have to do is just stay positive and make a commitment to do your best. Avoid letting negative thoughts and doubts from getting a hold in your mind.

As you read, you will discover three exceptional workouts that can help you improving your vertical leap faster. Let’s take a look at these workouts right now.

To do this the right way, focusing on your leg muscles is important. Your calf muscles must be targeted to get the highest jumps possible. Just before you leave the ground, it is your calf muscles that give you that last minute lift. So you need to have strong calves, obviously, and there are many ways to work on them. Even though exercising can help, there are other things that need to be done to build them up.

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If you want to build your calf muscles up, calf raises really do the trick. They are perfect for building strength in these muscles. This workout is something you need to do with a full range of motion. If you do this properly, your calves will become stronger than ever.

You can break down the physics of jumping and then work on any one of three different areas or all three. Jumping involves power which means that there are some things that will have a definite effect on that power. It takes a certain level of power to get off the ground and increase the speed at which you jump.

This incorporates a quick muscle twitch response that you can actually train with some specific exercises. You also have to think about how strong your legs and each individual muscle groups are. You can work hard to improve the range with which you can exert your power. Increasing one area is nice but you’ll have more power if you increase all three areas.

Since your calf muscles are critical to high leaping ability, you should increase the range of movement in them. Stretching out your calf muscles is one way you can do this. Your calf muscles, and your Achilles tendons, need to be stretched regularly. This is on top of stretching your upper and lower torso as well.
Injuries will definitely occur if you combine stretching with any type of bouncing motion – so don’t do that! Stretching can be done by simply leaning up against the wall, while standing, and pushing back into the wall itself.

There is no need to exceed any comfort range when stretching. This can be detrimental to your calves and Achilles tendons at the same time. If you really want to learn how to jump high, as you can see, you must do quite a few things to improve your vertical leap. Most of the time you will be running and then jumping, and you have to convert your momentum into a vertical component. Work on training your body and mind to coordinate all your physical movements into one explosive jump.

By following these tips for several weeks you will be able to improve your vertical leap faster. Don’t give up and you will have the ability to have explosive vertical leap very soon!