While shooting is great and makes you a star, being able to jump higher and dunk the basketball in style makes you a real superstar. Dunking is usually referred to big players, but not anymore. Just follow these tips and you will know better how to jump higher in basketball.

Clear your mind

Before any further physical exercise, you need to clear your mind of any thoughts that might inhibit your movements and concentrate on your vertical.

The idea of a possible failure can have an enormous effect upon your concentration capacity and your confidence level is never going to increase in this way. The clear representation of you accomplishing your goal of a higher jump is probably the strongest motivation to keep pushing your boundaries, physically speaking. You should always try to superpose reality onto the image of yourself performing the perfect jump.

Pushups, dips, sit ups and pull ups

To increase the heat in your body, pushups, dips, sit ups and pull ups are important exercises. This kind of exercises prevents the body from various injuries and pains in the joints. Being such an important player, Kobe Bryant for example cannot afford to miss games due to injury. Such exercises help him and you to prevent that.

Explosive and plyometric training

Include explosive and plyometric training in your regime. These are practiced in phases and range from warming up exercises to heavy weight training. These exercises take adequate care of maintaining your intensity and performance.

Increase Your Speed

Improve your speed. Sportsmen with better speed have the ability to jump much higher.

To improve your speed runs upstairs on your toes and walk down. Do this several times a day. This will also help in developing your leg, thigh and calf muscles. It’s very useful to walk and run on your toes. It’s really important to maximize your neurological responses.


The last of the tips to jump higher is about intensity. Each time you are playing a game, executing an exercise or workout, you must be intense at all times. Intensity will assist you in focusing on the work that you are performing. It also makes you give less care concerning the pain you’re feeling. Intensity coaches the mind in order to assist you in working harder.

Calf Raises

Find a thick book or some stairs and then stand straight facing forward on top of the book or stairs with the front half of your feet with the heels off the end; Very slowly rise on to the balls of your feet; hold as long as you can then come back down; repeat this exercise as many you can do.

A Training Routine

Most people don’t know there are 9 aspects that are responsible for an explosive vertical jump. Genetic structure is one of them. The other 8 are ones that you can improve upon. This means for a maximum vertical leap, you need to find training routine which works on those specific eight factors.

I hope that these tips will help you to jump higher and dunk very soon.
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