The ability to jump high doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work. Nobody can make you exercise and do the right workouts in order to see the improvements that every basketball player and athlete wants to see. It is completely up to you! Listed are a few ways to help you Jump as high as Kobe Bryant.

Know your weakness

If you want to apply more force to the ground, you must figure out what your weakness is and work on it. The best way to figure out your weakness is to go into the weight room and max out in squats. If you were able to squat 1.5 times your body weight or more, then most of the chances are your weakness is reactive strength. If you couldn’t squat that much, chances are good your weakness is relative strength.

Practicing Lifts

Start up your exercising regime by practicing with lifts. Not only does this enhance your total body strength but also helps you stabilize yourself under tension. In addition, it raises the response rate of hip muscles to vertical stretches.

Jogging Is Great

You can warm up your body with jogging. Jogging is great for losing fat and increasing the cardiovascular level of your body. It is enough 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week. It is a very good exercise for increasing the vertical leap.

Building Your Muscles

It’s also very important to develop your leg, thighs and calf muscles. For this take control over your nutrition. Have lots of protein which will help in building your muscles and also prevent you from serious injuries. Be disciplined in your diet. However it’s very important to have a professional trainer by your side to monitor the progress and to help you. This is because this kind of exercises can lead to leg and ankle injuries.

Always warm up

Always warm up and stretch before every training session. This thing will help you prevent injuries and also improve your performance.

Know your jumping approach

The next among these tips to jump higher is to know how you jump. This could be the most essential among all the tips. There are two major kinds of jumping approaches: power and speed. If you are aware of what your approach is, then you will have a great understanding of how you must train.

Toe Jumps

Stand straight facing forward with your legs shoulder length apart raised up on the balls of your toes then jump straight up in the air; repeat this exercise as many as you can do.

Aim High – Literally

Kobe bryant jumps, Monta Dunk

Kobe bryant dunks, Monta Dunk—Yogma (

This thing means when doing an exercise, you need to aim further than you can already achieve. For example: When you practicing touching your rim, don’t set the rim to a height that you can already touch with no problem! You need to be constantly pushing yourself by setting the rim to a height that takes your full effort to touch every time.

These tips can help you to jump as high as Kobe Bryant, however they are just the beginning. For much better results you may want to take a look at my review on The Jump Manual and to read about one of the most popular vertical jump programs available online today.
All the best!