Jump training has several benefits, but it can also lead to serious injuries. You therefore must know what you are doing if you want to increase your vertical jump and avoid any injuries.

increase your vertical jump, Man playing basketball 1998

Basketball jump, Man playing basketball 1998—Seattle Municipal Archives (Flickr.com)

Listed below are some tips on how to jump higher:


You have to get in the right mindset in order to get the results that you are hoping for, no matter if you follow the Jump Manual program or any other vertical jump program.
This is the most difficult aspect of jump training. Do not get discouraged if you don’t see any gains for a while. Just stick with it! If you are able to work past the plateau, you will be much further ahead than the folks who quit when the work is too hard!

Warm up is really important

Although this may come as quite a silly piece of advice, warm up is very important. There are two key benefits behind this simple exercise: through a proper warm up, your muscles expand, thus increasing elasticity and it is also the best way to prevent any future injuries.

An effective warm up will also modify your body’s core temperature and the muscles’ temperature, your respiratory rate and your heart rate, preparing the body for a session of intense activity. That is the first thing you need to remember when you are getting ready to perform high jumps and to exploit your body’s natural potential at its fullest. Continue stretching your muscles, you need to reach that high jump safely.

Try pull-ups, overhead press, bench press and dips

Supplement your exercising schedule with pull-ups, overhead press, bench press and dips is great. It is only these workouts which will increase the level of your body strength and endurance. Swing your arms with force before you jump and then thrust them downwards when your veer your body upwards.


No matter what most of the people say, abs are playing a major role in achieving a high vertical jump. Abs can really help you with your coordination on the playground. You’ll be more agile which combining with explosion leads to a much better athlete who is able to dunk on many occasions.

Double Jump

Keep doing double jump exercises. Monitor the results on daily basis. Each and every day there should be an improvement over the previous day.


Another great tip to jump higher is about variety. Even if a workout may function to improve your vertical jump, you have to try switching things up after some time. Performing only a single workout will tune your muscles only to that particular exercise, making them less able to perform other kinds of workouts which need the same muscle groups.

The above are simple tips on how to increase vertical jump and become airborne for your explosive vertical leap. Once you start getting results, develop a program for the same and don’t forget to follow the schedule with complete dedication and commitment to increase your vertical leap and to get the desired results.
All the best!