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In this post you will find 3 surefire ways to improve your vertical leap faster. Enjoy!


Is increasing your vertical leap one of your goals? Most athletes look to improve this aspect of their game. Most sports consider jumping a critical factor. It is very important factor for sports such as football or basketball.

The skills required in jumping can be helpful in almost any sport, even those where jumping doesn’t seem to be a factor. I’m sure you have seen a baseball outfielder make an amazing leap, just to catch a ball, or even a tennis player reaching that difficult shot. So that you can excel in the sports you play, lets take a look at some effective ways to improve your vertical leap.

When you want to improve your vertical leap, you have to have strong and agile leg muscles. As a result strength training will be as important as your speed and agility exercises are.

Be sure that you incorporate weight training into your workout routine, focusing on the leg muscles with such movements as leg presses and squats. You will find that you have more endurance and can jump higher the stronger your legs get. In your workouts, strike a good balance between training for speed, flexibility and strength.

As you learn to increase your vertical jumping ability you should also set goals where possible. Don’t set your goals too high or too far as this will cause frustration when not achieved.

You’ll want to set goals to focus on the areas you want to see improvements in. If you set goals you can stick to you will eventually see the improvements you want.

Your footwear can make a vast difference when it comes to increasing vertical leap. For ideal performance, you should make it a point to have the right clothing.

In addition to be properly attired with comfortable, loose fitting athletic wear, you need to put some attention toward your athletic shoes. If you are a basketball player, make sure you have a good pair of basketball training shoes.

If you are in another sport, get footwear that is made for that activity. This is something that a lot of individuals are aware of, yet they still fail to pay enough attention to.

Wearing shoes that are the wrong type, worn out or that fit badly will not only lessen your vertical leap, they can injure your feet. Alternatively, if you have the appropriate type of footwear, you won’t have to stress over your feet and they let you jump higher and not have to put forth as much effort.

It will take time to improve your vertical leap because it’s not a simple skill to conquer.

Continue working on this skill throughout the life of your sports career. Be consistent with your training but don’t rush it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere no matter how hard you train.

Don’t give up the changes can happen rather suddenly. If your desire is to increase your vertical leap consistency is the key. Focus on doing your best and never giving up. Following these tips is your roadmap to successful results.

I hope that these 3 surefire ways to improve your vertical leap faster will be useful for you.
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